The Mosquito Coast (1986) [BRRip 720p]

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  1. Eccentric and literally overwhelmed with new ideas inventor Allie Fox, disappointed in the way of the social system and in his own life in particular, leaves the US and goes to Central America. Taking with himself whole family, he comes to the famous Mosquito Coast - the east coast of the modern State of Nicaragua. Unbidden guest invades the rock-solid ecosystem, where the jungle stretches endless flowering carpet, fed by muddy water grooves of tropical rivers, on the banks of which are the villages of the wild tribes merged with the forest green, fused with black earth. Allie's wandering ripens from the conflict with the ugly consumer society, which is directionless, degenerate, stupidly locked at the deadend, ready to devour itself and leading anything to inevitable destruction. But running from the old world, these people will be forced to build a new one, their own (albeit in a different scale). New world and right civilization ?
    The movie difficulty returned about half of investments put in its production and was coldly received by both critics and ordinary viewers. Much of the reason for that served the literary source, taken as the basis of the film - the eponymous novel by American writer Paul Theroux. Problem affected in it - an escape from modern civilization - is nothing but an expression of protest against the country that can offer its people only the basest and false values ​​- uncomplaining submission to the requirements of commercial success and absolute indifference towards others. The result is a complete dominance of the material over the spiritual. And, of course, Theroux could not resist the temptation to criticize the American way of life. In the context of this situation, the commercial failure of the film looks quite natural phenomenon, because no one likes being told unpleasant truth in the face.

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