What Did the Lady Forget? (1937) [BRRip 720p]

Original title: Shukujo wa nani o wasureta ka

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An affluent medical professor, Komiya, and his bossy wife, Tokio, are to look after Setsuko, their high-spirited niece from Osaka. Setsuko is a liberated woman who does what she wants, including smoking, even though she is a minor. On Saturday, the professor does not feel like going to his weekend golf game, but his wife packs him off anyway. So he leaves his bag at t... Read all

Director: Yasujirô Ozu
Writers: Akira Fushimi, Yasujirô Ozu
Stars: Sumiko Kurishima, Tatsuo Saitô, Michiko Kuwano

What Did the Lady Forget? (1937) JAPANESE [BRRip 720p]

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