13 Assassins (1963) [BRRip 720p]

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 Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English


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  1. Thanks! I needed to complete the Samurai Revolution trilogy by Kudo Eiichi:
    Juusan-nin no shikaku / The Thirteen Assassins (1963)
    Dai satsujin / The Great Duel (1964)
    Ju-ichinin no samurai / Eleven Samurai (1966)
    Three different @ssholes, three different assassinations. Though the three films are similar in their main premise (be a jerk official and there’ll be some assassinatin’), there are variations on the theme.

    In Juusan-nin no shikaku, the Shogun’s younger brother, Lord of the Akashi clan, rapes a woman and kills her and her husband over the affair. It becomes quite clear in the first 5 minutes that the lord is rotten and foul, and to save Japan from his rule, 13 samurai take it upon themselves to rid the world of this menace.